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1.    Take the ACT or SAT

2.    Choose a college(s) you are interested in and research it (them) online.

3.    Check admission requirements, cost of tuition, and degree programs.

4.    Visit the campus.  You get one college day per semester.

5.    Apply for admission (Most colleges require an application fee)

6.    Submit ACT scores and seven semester transcript….Mrs. Hurst will do this.

7.    Apply for financial aid.  You and your parents will do this at the high school computer lab in February with a financial aid specialist.

8.    Apply for scholarships (Posted in library, Mrs. Falkner's room, outside the main office and our website).  Research online scholarships also.

9.    Apply for housing. (If necessary)

10.    Enroll!! This will be a day the college sets up.

See Mrs. Hurst for any questions.